Surfcomp – App In Development

Photo: Darren Geros – Maldives.

Exciting news for all interested in using the Surfcomp app. We are one step closer to tossing away those fiddly pieces of paper, for our monthly surfing competitions, once and for all.

Surfcomp is now in development following the acquisition of funding through our newly appointed co-founder Darren Geros. ipad_mini1Darren is a long standing member of North Narrabeen Board Riders Club and has strong background in application development. As one of the founding partners of eMite Australia, Darren brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience in the online and systems management space.

Darren also brings in funding to help Surfcomp become a reality, and helping Australian board riders clubs take the often chaotic task of organising and running a local surf comp and bringing it up to speed with current technologies we all have in the palm of our hands.

With development still in the early stages, it is expected that a beta test application will be ready for a select group of board riders clubs to be testing in Q3/4 of 2015. The launch of our version 1.0 Surfcomp app is expected to see the light of day for all board riders clubs around Australia, January 2016. The app is set to be a free download for members and friends of individual clubs.

For more information on how your club can get involved and apply for possible inclusion on the beta testing program, click here to get in touch today.